Update NodeJS on Qna
Posted on 07-01-2016 @ 00:12

This week I needed Nodejs and NPM on my qnap to run Nefit easy http server to have an bridge between my nefit easy thermostate and my fibaro home center 2(Maybe I will write an article on this late...

Sonarr Connect Chrom
Posted on 01-02-2015 @ 13:21

Today I would like to announce my own Google Chrome browser extension for Sonarr.


Your Ip:
Your Isp:
Server Time: 19:14:17
Server Date: 21-02-2024
Server Timezone:GMT +01:00

05-01-2013 - 10:09
hi i have a se xperia x1 phone. how i change my imei, sim unlock

02-01-2012 - 14:23
I am beginner, trying to update my tomtom with a new map. I downloaded WesternEurope map from pirate bay but I got no idea how to update in my tomtom. Can anybody help me please? Thank you in advance [email protected]

03-02-2011 - 13:51
@danny: in het media panel

02-02-2011 - 14:50
Waar zit de fmradio in de laatste rom?

01-02-2011 - 21:16
Oke, ook nette telefoon, volgends mij gaan ongeveer alle mensen met een windows mobile toestel over naar android tegenwoordig. Mij bevalt het in ieder geval

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