New Christian's Rom 5.610

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New rom based on 23670 from the LG Electronics Branch

In this rom the reply to an sms is working fine. It was something that was wrong in the latest rom sys(and still is in newer versions of that branche). So I searched for another new branche/sys and found out the LG Electronics Branch is really goodSmile

I also removed ameba since it gave more problems then it solved. Hope you can life with that decision and in case you can't you have to install it yourselfWink

Here's the changelog:

- new sys: 23670(Branche: LG Electronics Branch)(Timebomb fix not needed): sms is working fine again
- Ameba removed

 Package list of all packages included in the rom has also been updated. Check out here



07-07-2010 - 16:48

Sounds good! Will you release a Special Clean rom of this???

07-07-2010 - 23:09

What kind of special clean rom?

08-07-2010 - 05:03

Well Christian, I was thinking like the first one you did. Just this new sys and all the X1/X2 essentials ONLY. Nothing else, so the rom will have LOTS of free memory and ram available ;-) I use currently the first Special one and have available memory and ram that anybody else would envy, over 53% available and FREE. That is what I call Clean :-) Anything else, like the smart lock, all those recent additions, etc. can be installed manually afterwards by each user as they wish. Only things in this Special Rom should be like the first, updated X1/X2 drivers, but nothing else. What do you think? Is this doable?

08-07-2010 - 15:00

I like the idea of michaelthemage. Did you do something with Extendir in this ROM :P?

08-07-2010 - 15:02

@michael: so, it's like removing 3 packages and release a whole new rom for that? Like you know from the previous special clean rom it was like 5/10 mb extra storage. In my opinion I don't really think this is worth a new release. What you think? @wes: no I didn't. But from what I've read I have to create cabs of everything to get it working?:| Doesn't really make the rom faster I think

08-07-2010 - 16:41

Christian, just checked and the first Special is wopping 10MB LESS, perhaps even more now. Also, I have because there are only X1 native programs like Opera 9(!) not 10(!), etc. more then 56% FREE ram and never go under 50% during the day! That is great and should be worth a Special Clean Rom. What do you think? I mean, only if it it easily possible for you. I don't want you to work overtime for that ;-) With the last few Clean Roms I NEVER had even 50% after a restart!!! I think it will be more then just 3 packages!? I don't know how big your current ROMs are ( I use the first Special) but I guess over 168 or even over 170MB by now? So a Special with just 158 sounds perfect. And you said once you have to only 'take out' all additional packages, programs to make the Clean or in this case the Special Clean?!?!

08-07-2010 - 16:52

I still don't get why you prefere opera 9 above 10 but that doesn't matter. For the ram usage. Have you ever encountered that you didn't had enough ram? Since I don't I'm wondering why those digits should say anything about performance. Most of the memory rate has to do with the sys I'm using. Since never sysses uses more I don't think a special clean rom will make a real difference. And yes you're right about just taking out some packages. It's just disabling them from the kitchen. It's isn't that I don't want to create such a rom. It's that I don't get the point of creating one. The only packages that should be removed from a special clean rom are smartlock, fingerkeyboard and usbtopc I think. So I still don't think it's worth a complete other rom. But if you really want one, i'm prepared to cook one;)

08-07-2010 - 20:14

If the the total would be below 159MB then it would be really great if you did indeed cook one. About this opera 9, its pretty simple: it is made for X1 with zooming, it can be made to use activex/flash with that special program. As for your question about WHY a special one, perhaps the same reason that made you do one in the first place ;-) To have a REAL Clean Rom :-) But again Christian, only if it is not tooo mucho to ask!!! ...and fingers crossed for Netherlands on Sunday!

12-07-2010 - 00:57

No special rom for this rom, maybe for the next version since a new sys has already been leaked.

12-07-2010 - 04:20

Yeah, thought so too! Looking forward to the new one then!

12-07-2010 - 22:48

Hi Christian, just wanted to let you know that after using it since 7/7 this ROM seems to be the most stable one in a long time. I used almost all of you roms, and kept using them even if they sometimes had a glitch (often SMS related). But this one did not let me down once yet (knock on wood). Thanks for cooking!

13-07-2010 - 19:54

There are a few bugs in the new version. When i edit the home settings to show the HTC Sense tab, i can not load the normal Start page anymore, neither the panel page (with the hardware button). They show but dissapear directly. Kinda annoying. Hope you can do something about it. All else is sweet!

14-07-2010 - 12:27

As an addition: I use the full ROM, but the Windows standard interface. So I can not comment on the Sense stuff Beau is mentioning. But as I completely dislike Sense I would like to post it as a bug and have it removed it as a whole ;-) I could never understand what people like about it. It has nifty graphic capabilities, but navigating is a drag.

14-07-2010 - 22:34

That's true Peter. I don't like sense as well! But when i turned it on in the home settings, i couldn't switch back. Cause i could not load up the "Start screen". I had to reflash the rom again to get back to windows interface :) Some bugs are around, but they don't really matter. Though, there is one thing. How do i get to the camera? I use clean rom btw.

15-07-2010 - 01:37

@beau: use the camera button

15-07-2010 - 15:43

Does the new rom have threaded mail Christian?

18-07-2010 - 19:47

No, seems like this branche doesn't have it. Atleast yet

19-07-2010 - 07:31

Good Morning I got bad news i took my xperia x1i in for repaires apperantly they say it is water damage. and not worth fixing. i do have insurance but my probleam is that they dont have the xperia x1 in stock any more and i dont now what phone to take cause nothing compares to the x1. please help guys to make my decision what will be the closet phone to the xperia x1i

19-07-2010 - 14:17

@Chester: I would go for an android. HTC Desire, Nexus One, Xperia X10? Something like that. @Christian: I tried, but nothing happens?

19-07-2010 - 14:24

@chester: uhm, touch pro 2, hd 2? or maybe an android phone or something? @bea: should work. Atleast it's working fine for me....

19-07-2010 - 14:45

how is the x2

19-07-2010 - 19:24

Don't know. It hasn't been official released in the netherlands so I haven't even seen it yet

! BeShO !
21-07-2010 - 11:37

Hi Christian, thanks again for the nice ROMs, its great improvements each time. i noticed in this ROM that there is no voice command. but i didnt see it removed in the change logs, did you remove it or i am having an issue on my device only?

21-07-2010 - 12:17

Ola, Question: my xperia seems to reset itself, sometimes it freezes to death and otherways when i turn it off and on it stops at the SE logo. Looks like its deleting the rom. Now executing TAsk and after that i will install the last christian rom; Keep you updated! greets

21-07-2010 - 12:18

Could be that I forgot to enable it again in the WWE rom. It will be available in the next rom again:) Which rom are you using?

23-07-2010 - 13:26

working good for now, only when i go to call-screen en scroll between numbers its going wrong! all the numbers are a mess when i scroll. somebody else the same problem!? greets

25-07-2010 - 03:00


29-07-2010 - 09:54

This has to do with the sys and the dialer skin from x1. I don't think there is a fix for this atm.

03-08-2010 - 10:57

I'm still waiting for a new release :D.

05-08-2010 - 11:45

christian, weet jij mischien waarom mijn xperia zo vaak vastloopt, best vaak zo erg dat ik gewoon moet hard resetten! zit gewoon te twijfelen om de originele rom te gebruiken! omdat ik soms wel 4 a 5 keer per week mijn telefoon helemaal opnieuw moet instellen! hoop dat je een antwoord heb. groeten Niels heb je trouwens ook een goede link voor mij voor het programma TASK? volgens mij doe ik alles goed.

05-08-2010 - 13:02


! BeShO !
05-08-2010 - 13:05

christian, for the tilewave and the media panels not showing text. i was able to fix the tilewave panel by installing one of the versions i found online, but the media panel i am still working on. i saw a couple of nice applications that might add to your ROM. the XT9 input keyboard to replace the fingerkey and the slide to shutdown instead of the shutxp. just suggestions and keep up the good work, cant wait for the new release.

Ramond de Vrede
09-08-2010 - 14:36

He Christian... I wrote a review about 5.000 with vodafone settings... this was for me the most stable version ever on my X1 with your ROM. ( see ) With the newest 5.610 I experience these problems : - reply email looses reply-address of contact, it's empty and then indicates : No recipient - freezes 2-3 times a week, I see the upper status bar but the rest black. Need to reset/remove battery to restart I'm thinking to go to 5.000 or the next one... I see you have a new PC... any clue a new version will come soon? Then I'll wait for that one ;)

10-08-2010 - 20:21

@ramon: nice review:) Thanks. For a new version. I'm quite busy at the moment and will go on holliday next week so I'm not sure if I can release a new version soon. From the other side there are no new sys leaks that are interested aswell

30-08-2013 - 15:17

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