New HTC Phones

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Htc unveiled the HTC Desire HD and Z.

Last Wednesday(15th of September) Htc has unveiled their new android phones. The HTC Desire HD and the Desire Z.

The Desire Z has a qwerty keyboard. So I'm thinking of that phone, to be my next phone.

For the people who haven't seen those phones yet check the HTC pages:

Desire Z

Desire HD

What do you guys think about those phones?


Photo of the Desire Z.



21-09-2010 - 09:03

Ik dacht precies het zelfde over. Zijn niet veel telefoons meer met alle nieuwe eigenschappen met qwerty toetsen. Las wel over geruchten android 3.0 op de opvolger van samsung tab. In dat geval hoop ik dat deze telefoon dat ook later kan krijgen. de processor schijnt volgens tweakers weer snelheidsrecords te zetten, ondanks de 800 Mhz. Ben benieuw en ga het volgen want mij X1 is alweer 2jaar oud. P.s.(de dell streak is ook spectaculair...en groot als net niet tabblet). deSint

22-09-2010 - 11:30

Voor mij precies hetzelfde. Over de dell streak. Dit is toch meer een tablet dan een phone?

08-10-2010 - 02:02

Hi, Have looked at that Desire Z. Very nice. And given the "wonderful" support that Sonyericsson always seems to provide, I doubt I'll be getting another any time soon. A colleague got an X10 on orange. Promised the android update in august, september and never came. Add to that, as an orange phone, orange have to "customise" their version too. And no update from them either. Waste of time. So I shall be looking very seriously at that Z in the hope of getting one.. CTC

08-11-2010 - 02:43

All I know is...qwerty is the way to go, and add to that, I'm seriously considering Android plus the fact that the X1 is orignally HTC designed upwards (?) - well I'm upgrading in 5 months! hehehe Let's put it like this - ya don't like that AND-Z Rom? Ah, darn shame, you'd have to go into development, coz we'll be checkin' out your updates sooner than ya can say, uh...Android!

06-01-2013 - 08:08

You know that Android Market has 150000 Apps and the Appstore 200000.Do you also know that Android sold more than 300 million phneos and apple 240 million?Well, I think your brain sucks