New phone

Rss feed for topic Other NewsOther News - Posted by: christian On 30-12-2010 @ 23:10

I've got a new phone

It's the HTC Desire Z. For the xperia roms. I will release another rom that is running very good for a couple of weeks now on my own phone soon.


Jim P
30-12-2010 - 23:21

Its a very good phone, well done, and you stayed in the same vibe with X1 too :P Though I find the arc style of Xperia to work better on the slide phones you can;t really beat what HTC achieved on this handset. Have a nice 2011. (personally I upgraded to ZTE Blade @ 159 euros, I just wanted an android device, and its very good for its money.)

02-01-2011 - 15:49

I'm using it for 2 days now and the phone is great, only the battery life is a bit short... I bought this phone because of the slide out keyboard and the keyboard is maybe even better as the one from the x1(some buttons are not on the same position as they were on the x1 so that feels a bit weird in the beginning)