How To Change Windows 7 Offline Files Location?

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I got a computer with all my music and a HTPC with a nice speaker system. But I want to be able to play all my music on my HTPC even when my computer is turned off. A nice feature to do this is by using windows offline files. This feature allows you to make a backup from a selected location that can be used if the network location is not available. When the network connection becomes available it will use the files on the computer and sync the local backup. This way I can always play my music even when the computer with the music collection is turned off.

This is a really nice feature of Windows 7, but one problem is. Out of the box it can only use your boot disk to make the backups to. This isn't a problem when you got a big disk. But since I added a 60gb SSD as boot disk last week this wasn't enough for my music collection(It's about 300gb).

Since there isn't a simple option to choose where the offline files should be stored I was searching for a solution. There are many topics about this problem on the internet. With various solutions, most of them are really complicated.

But I found a really easy solution to solve this problem by just adding a registry key with the new path.

Just create a new registry key under: HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\CSC\Parameters

The registry key should be called: CacheLocation
And the key type should be: REG_SZ

The new path should be in the NT extension, like \??\f:\csc (This will store the offline files in directory csc on the f disk)



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Great stuff, you hepeld me out so much!