New wm 6.5 builds leaked: 23420 and 23060

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Two new wm 6.5 build have been leaked. Build 23420 and 23060.

Here is a changelog from those new builds:
Changes in Windows Mobile 6.5 Build 23060 and Build 23420:

Email folder in Microsoft Office Outlook Mobile gets new colored icons.
Improved browsing experience on Internet Explorer Mobile.
Definitely more faster and responsive than the last leaked Build 23053.
Faster boot time.
Build 23420 has the new contacts app.
Build 23060 has the menu eye candy but not the new contacts app.
Incorporates the updated GUI from the later COM3 builds into COM4.
Better memory management.

About what build I will use for the next rom: I'm not sure about this yet since I haven't test 23060 yet but 23420 seems to be very good.
More updates on the new rom are coming so stay tuned!

UPDATE 15:23: I'm going to flash 23060 now and will see what's the best build for the next rom. Will report back soon!

UPDATE 16:15: Test of 23060 went well. Build is very good but haven't seen any difference with the older 23053 build. So new rom will have the new 23420 COM4 build! Hope you guys like this decision
Give me feedback through the xda forum thread!

UPDATE 16:41: Working on the 23420 build now. Seems like I don't have to do much about it. I already fixed the buttons by replacing the gwes.exe with the one from 23049

UPDATE 16:59: Seems that 2.903 with 23420 sys is ready. Will test the upcoming houres and will release this evening if i'm home otherwise tonight or tomorrow morning/afternoon!

This is a ETA not a final release date since this can only be archieved when no errors of bugs are found in the new rom! Stay tuned everyone!

UPDATE 19:29: Rom is still stable without any freezes or bugs so release will be most likely tonight


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my love

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Rafael A Villar
28-03-2010 - 19:11

I have the HP iPAQ h6315 and I want to change rom

Rafael A Villar
28-03-2010 - 19:13

qiero I know if I can to change the rum ELP to my hp

Jim Jose
29-03-2010 - 10:39

can u please tell me how to change my xperia's wm6.1 to wm6.5

Jim Jose
29-03-2010 - 10:41

can u please tell me how to change my xperia's wm6.1 to wm6.5

28-06-2010 - 21:31

може и моля да ми кажете как да си сменя Xperia на WM6.1 на WM6.5

22-10-2010 - 06:34

think you for helpe

hamid gloria
16-11-2010 - 19:39