My Xbox 360 got banned from Live

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Live is over for my xbox 360 but I don't really care

Finally it's done. My xbox 360 got banned from xbox live yesterday.
Ofcourse it was expected for a long time since it was modified to play backups. But it still sucks

I don't really care about it since I never play online but I also can not check marketplace anymore or get the game updates and dashbord updates easily.

But the good thing is, now I can continue playing my favourite games without being scared to get banned or whatever so maybe it isn't that bad:)

For the people who like to know what game I was playing when I was banned. It was GTA: Episodes from liberty city(So it's a wave 4 game). My xbox 360 was on the newest Ixtreme 1.6.1 and I always checked my backups. Wondering if they could fine where this whole ban wave came from since c4eve wrote on irc that the firmware could still not be detected.


11-11-2009 - 21:54

Dat is klote man :(

11-11-2009 - 22:36

Ja wel beetje mja speelde toch al haast niet online dus zo erg is het niet voor mij