Phone is back but still broken

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It's back! But still broken...

Oke, so I was happy my phone was finally back! It was in the same box as I sended it in. But without any protection.
So I thought how can they ever send it back this way. :S
But never mind I booted up the phone to try if they fix the problem.
It booted and was working fine. But then I switched out the keyboard. And there it was again the phone still turns off after a few seconds and restarts.
I was like what... I almost smashed it to the ground.
I'm waiting for my phone for 4 weeks and they didn't even repair it. Damn

So I called up Vodafone NL. They told me they were too busy to help me I could let my phone number there and they would call me back.
I didn't do that and called up one of the Vodafone stores but they couldn't help me and they would send it to the same place as I did for repair. So I told them: 'No thank you'.

After that I called Sony Ericsson xperia line. It was a really friendly guy and he understood that I was really pissed off. I told him I sended in my phone for 3 times and now it isn't even fixed. And I have to pay for every time I send it by post.
He said hold on for a minute and came back to me really fast. He told me he want to swap it for a new phone.
So I gave him my information and faxed the receipt to a weird German number. Now I just have to wait.
I will get a paper and have to include it too my repair and send it in again then I will get a new phone.

I hope it will be faster than last time since I'm getting really pissed about this stupid phone. It's broken all the time for me. I got it for 11 months now and it was away for repair 3/4 months.


30-08-2013 - 18:35

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