Windows Mobile 7 Announced

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Windows mobile 7 announcement

Today Steve Ballmer announced Windows mobile 7. Incase you've missed it here is a link with some screenshots from a populair dutch website called

It's in dutch but if you have any more information or english links feel free to post them below.

I'm wondering what you guys think about this new phone OS. Should it be better then our wm 6.5.* or getting worse?

Update: For our english readers(and ofcourse also for the dutchies) here's a complete live coverage from the announcement:

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MSDN access

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I got MSDN acces!

I just checked my mail this evening and saw an email from college. Since i'm studying ICT I got MSDN acces now. Maybe you don't know what this mean but this mean that I'm a member of microsofts MSDN website and able to download almost all their product LEGALLY and free from MSDN

Really cool isn't it? I already start dowloading a legal copy of windows 7 and some other applications:P

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It Has Arrived!

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I got my phone replacement!

I just woke up a few minutes ago(got a day off). And walked down the stairs and it finally arrived! I got my new Sony Ericsson Xperia X1. So for everyone expect new roms soon

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Phone is back but still broken

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It's back! But still broken...

Oke, so I was happy my phone was finally back! It was in the same box as I sended it in. But without any protection.
So I thought how can they ever send it back this way. :S
But never mind I booted up the phone to try if they fix the problem.
It booted and was working fine. But then I switched out the keyboard. And there it was again the phone still turns off after a few seconds and restarts.
I was like what... I almost smashed it to the ground.
I'm waiting for my phone for 4 weeks and they didn't even repair it. Damn

So I called up Vodafone NL. They told me they were too busy to help me I could let my phone number there and they would call me back.
I didn't do that and called up one of the Vodafone stores but they couldn't help me and they would send it to the same place as I did for repair. So I told them: 'No thank you'.

After that I called Sony Ericsson xperia line. It was a really friendly guy and he understood that I was really pissed off. I told him I sended in my phone for 3 times and now it isn't even fixed. And I have to pay for every time I send it by post.
He said hold on for a minute and came back to me really fast. He told me he want to swap it for a new phone.
So I gave him my information and faxed the receipt to a weird German number. Now I just have to wait.
I will get a paper and have to include it too my repair and send it in again then I will get a new phone.

I hope it will be faster than last time since I'm getting really pissed about this stupid phone. It's broken all the time for me. I got it for 11 months now and it was away for repair 3/4 months.

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I got a Playstation 3!

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Yes I got a playstation 3:D

Today I went to the dixons and bought a playstation 3 slim 250gb.
It was the uncharted 2 pack. So I also got uncharted 2. Haven't played it yet since I also bought Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 and played that online for the whole afternoon.

Since I can't play online on my xbox 360 anymore because damn microsoft banned it. I'm quite happy I can on my playstation 3 now

It's a very nice console. I already had a wii and xbox 360 but I still like the playstation 3 so now I got them all.

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My Xbox 360 got banned from Live

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Live is over for my xbox 360 but I don't really care

Finally it's done. My xbox 360 got banned from xbox live yesterday.
Ofcourse it was expected for a long time since it was modified to play backups. But it still sucks

I don't really care about it since I never play online but I also can not check marketplace anymore or get the game updates and dashbord updates easily.

But the good thing is, now I can continue playing my favourite games without being scared to get banned or whatever so maybe it isn't that bad:)

For the people who like to know what game I was playing when I was banned. It was GTA: Episodes from liberty city(So it's a wave 4 game). My xbox 360 was on the newest Ixtreme 1.6.1 and I always checked my backups. Wondering if they could fine where this whole ban wave came from since c4eve wrote on irc that the firmware could still not be detected.

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SPB Mobile Shell 3.5.1 Beta is out - NOT THE PANEL

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Just a quick note that spb mobile shell 3.5.1 Beta has been released.

Thought maybe some people like this news since i've read many posts in my xda forum thread about people who are using spb mobile shell.
This is not about the panel since only 3.01 and the older one is available as a panel. There is also not a way to install this software along side the panel edition or upgrade the panel edition included in my rom with this file. It's just for the people who want to use the standalone edition.
I think this version is just the trail so you need to buy it if you want to use it after 14 days(I think it's 14 days but i'm not really sure).
For now here's the link and enjoy: Click Here

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My xperia is broken again

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I got some bad news.

My phone(Xperia X1) is broken and I send it out to a SE repair center. I had a big problem that my phone was rebooting when I slide out the keyboard so couldn't really use it anymore.

I hope to get it back soon.

In the mean time I borrowed the htc diamond from my girlfriend. So cooking can continue. Maybe a little bit delay since I only got the diamond to test stuff but should be fine.

I hope I informed you guys why I can't do that much at the moment and hope to come back to you soon.

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Windows Mobile 7 Information

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Over at xda-developers, Da_g gave us some information about the upcoming Windows mobile 7. Really interesting.

Here are some quotes:

No, COM5 is not WM7. It is a continuation of the WM 6.5.x code.

WM7 is a completely different tree.

Do not expect any current device to run WM7. It is certainly possible, but the OEM will have to go out of their way to code drivers/kernel for it, and it is not a likely thing. Very few current devices will receive such an update.

Snapdragon/OMAP3+ devices are likely to get WM7 support.

Anything older than that is not likely to get WM7 support and will likely be end-of-life'd with WM 6.6.

Remember, with all current "cooking" we are using code based on CE 5.x kernel, so is relatively easy to port to newer builds.

Once we move up to a CE 6.x or 7.x kernel, the same principles no longer apply. The entire set-up of the OEM part of the kernel and the Microsoft part of the kernel is different (better now, after WM7 it will be much easier to update the microsoft bits while keeping the same OEM bits) So do not expect any current device to be running WM7 in the future (although a select few may, as they are/will be used for test devices.)

Initial alphas of WM7 were based on CE6, but have been CE7 for about a year now.

As far as MS upgrading the kernel of WM to CE6, I think you misunderstand what's required, it's already done as far as MS is concerned. There is a tree with the same UI/UX, features, etc. as WM 6.5.x but based on the CE 6 core instead of CE 5. But the OEM needs to come in and re-code their stuff against it. Which I don't believe any of them are doing at this point in time. Maybe in the future... It's not like an upgrade from XP SP1 to XP SP2 where you can just drop in the new bits and hit the ground running..

It's more like an upgrade from XP x86 to XP x64. Same GUI, same functionality, but running on a different core, and none of the drivers work. So the OEM has to re-code their drivers. When/If that happens we can surely have a CE6 based WM build on that device. But given the history of most OEM's issuing major OS updates, I wouldn't hold my breath for it on current devices (the most recent cores like snapdragon/OMAP3+ being a possible exception)

And no, WM 6.6 wasn't a typo... But don't expect to start seeing builds of that until 6.5.x is polished up and we're into 2010 a bit.

The upgrade path for current devices has us staying on the CE 5.x kernel and the highest-tier devices (snapdragon and similar faster chips like tegra and omap3+) will be getting WM7. This is due to numerous features implemented in WM7 that require a higher end device than the current crop.

Nice isn't it? Only bad thing is that we now know that our devices(xperia, diamond, touch pro etc). Can't run this new windows mobile version until new drivers are made. And like you can read that will be never most likely. But from the other side when it's finally released I think everyone already got a new phone so should not be a big problem.

But this wasn't everything. He also told us something about a new cool feature from WM 7. Here's the quote:

Coolest feature to come with WM7/CE7 is the Location Framework, I think...

Now rather than guessing location from cell tower id, or gps (one or the other), Location Framework will take input from all radios on device (WiMax, WiFi, GPS, Cell, etc.) - aggregate information from all sources and use to constantly keep location awareness.

This will allow the device to constantly be aware of its location to some degree of accuracy, which opens up many possibilities for location aware applications that would otherwise require the GPS to be running constantly.

Also the compositing engine will be very nice, finally will have true compositing in WM, so can do nifty things like transparencies, blurring, etc (you can see some of this in the drop-down notification bar in WM 6.5.x - also in SIP input suggestions)

The new rendercore will make advanced vector based graphics engines like Flash and Silvercore a breeze, and XAML will make "porting" applications from one resolution to another a much more simple task than it is today

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